Life-Schema Coaching is a highly effective method for growth when a client needs motivation, is having difficulty choosing a direction in life, is unsure of life goals, or has difficulty in reaching goals.

It its an incredibly powerful method of empowering you to achieve the things that you want, allowing you to be in control of your own destiny.

There’s no limit to the range of subjects that coaching can help with, and many of our clients have experienced significant personal growth – enabling them to realise their potential, free from limiting beliefs and fears.

Key Benefits

  • Examine and clarify your goals, purposes and values
  • Examine the six domains of your life, and what they mean for you
  • Understanding your levels of causativeness
  • Examination of your current activity cycles
  • Understand your behaviours and their accordance with your identities
  • Exploring past failures and their effect upon your growth
  • Formulating coherent action plans for achievement
  • Exploring successes, achieving growth.

Life-Schema Coaching programs are entirely person-centred, and tailored specifically to your wishes. You can undertake an intensive program or proceed at a pace more suited to your life’s rhythm and demands.

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