Eudemonics recently completed a series of ‘Understanding Trauma’ workshops in partnership with Sherwood Forest Hospitals Trust.

Emergency Department Nursing is at the front line of the NHS, and carries an inherent risk of psychological trauma.

In order to support the mental health and wellbeing of highly committed and hardworking nursing leaders, we provided a series of workshops designed to provide an in-depth and credible view of psychological trauma and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The workshops were facilitated by Eudemonics Director Sean McCallum, using psychosocial theories of trauma and experiential knowledge of handling a number of high-profile critical incidents.

Sean said “It was really wonderful to work with such a team of awesome professionals who are often confronted with emergency situations that most of us can’t imagine. Helping to support their mental health and wellbeing has been a privilege.”

This isn’t the end of Eudemonics’ work with Sherwood Forest Hospitals Trust however, with a CRISIS Schema® workshop planned for the new year, when nursing leaders will be specially trained to support their team members following critical incidents.

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