Executive Decompression sessions take place in a non-judgmental environment, and enable leaders to address issues of concern freely, and in confidence.

Performance, innovation, output, well-being, and even health & safety safety can be compromised by leaders that are not firing on all cylinders.

Left unaddressed, such issues can lead to relationship crises, sickness absence, disciplinary cases, organisational and reputational loss.

Whilst sickness absence due to stress and anxiety is responsible for a great deal of business loss, it should also be remembered that presenteesim is also a major source of ‘hidden’ loss for organisations whose output depends on its people.

Our facilitators will provide a unique opportunity for leaders to address the matters that are of concern to themselves and each other. We have a wealth of experience and can deliver Executive Decompression services at an outside venue, online or within your own organisation.


  • Increased well-being and contentment
  • High personal, and therefore;
  • Greater organisational performance
  • Improved situational awareness
  • Enhanced threat-assessment
  • Supports executive decision makers
  • Following significant team/departmental changes
  • During high-risk work streams or projects
  • After intra/inter departmental conflict
  • During the ‘forming’ stages of important projects
  • As required as a stress management resource.

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