Our grief recovery programme helps people to process their grief, and continue living a content and fulfilled life.

Grief is the feeling of intense sorrow often associated with significant loss of any kind, but especially with the death of someone that we love.

It is a natural outcome of processing, accepting, and then integrating the loss into one’s new reality.

For most people experiencing grief and loss, it’s usual that despite the distressing nature of the experience, a gradual process of growth occurs. Over time, we generally come to terms with the loss, what it means for us, and how our world now looks.

For some though, the process of integrating the new reality seems to continue chronically and indefinitely, and a state of constant sorrow may persist over a prolonged period of time, causing debilitating effects on the quality of life and contentment.

Through our grief recovery program, Responder Resilience facilitators are able to support people through the most difficult of times. Enhancing the natural recovery processes that take place after a significant bereavement or loss.

Grief is an incredibly individual and subjective experience, so our grief and loss recovery programmes are tailored entirely to suit your needs.

During your grief recovery programme, sessions take place in a confidential and sensitive space, at a pace that you’re comfortable with.

Regardless of the cause(s) of your grief, we can help you to fully process what happened, so that you reach a truth (your truth) about what that means for you both in the past, the present, and the future.

This way, we can help you continue living a content and fulfilled life.


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