2 Day Workshop – Online or Classroom

Group CRISIS training builds on the knowledge and skills acquired through participation in CRISIS training.

Developing beyond CRISIS interventions, this 2-day workshop provides further knowledge and skills focused on working with groups of people following stressful or traumatic incidents by providing Group CRISIS sessions.

Key Learning Outcomes – Group CRISIS Training

  • Applying the Group CRISIS Schema®
  • Understanding critical incidents within groups
  • Analysing meta-critical incidents
  • Conducting critical incident risk assessments
  • Planning & initiating Group CRISIS sessions
  • Managing resources to support Group CRISIS sessions
  • Communicating with groups in crisis
  • Observing traumatic reactions within groups
  • Enhancing integrative learning within groups
  • Optimising safety & safeguarding for groups
  • Providing informational support for groups
  • Facilitate active monitoring for groups

*Delegates must have completed CRISIS Training prior to registration.

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