Over the last year or so, we’ve been focusing a lot on supporting organisational leaders.

Our Executive Decompression service is proving popular amongst leaders who’ve found it beneficial to have an opportunity to discuss issues of emotional and psychological concern with an external, and non-judgmental facilitator.

It certainly is tough at the top sometimes, and the leader who finds themselves experiencing acute stress (and even trauma) can sometimes feel isolated within their own organisational hierarchy.

At Eudemonics, we’re lucky to be able to work with some really progressive organisations whose senior leadership teams care passionately about their reports. They realise that simple mental health signposting initiatives aren’t enough, and know that the investment they make in the psychological well-being of their people will pay dividends in terms of absence, presenteesim, performance and loyalty.

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Posted by:Sean McCallum CTIRt CCt

Crisis Intervention & Trauma Consultant