The psychological impact of trauma during conflict can be extremely harmful, multi-faceted, and wide-ranging.

The psychological gravity of the invasion and the occupation of Ukraine, which has now descended into the perpetration of genocidal war crimes, cannot be understated.

Our CRISIS Response team has been quietly and effectively supporting foreign nationals in Ukraine during recent weeks, and will continue to provide effective psychological support to those tasked with maintaining the national infrastructure of the wore torn nation.

Beyond this work, we will be providing much needed CRISIS Schema® training for Ukrainian Community leaders in Germany, who are directly helping traumatised Ukrainian refugees finding a much needed safe-haven there.

Our Director, Sean McCallum, creator of the CRISIS Schema®, will travel to Magdeburg towards the end of the month, to provide the much-needed training as part of our ongoing commitment to improving the mental health and wellbeing of those affected by trauma.

Eudemonics stands with the people of Ukraine.

Posted by:Sean McCallum CTIRt CCt

Crisis Intervention & Trauma Consultant