CRISIS training has been awarded continuing education accreditation by the the National Association of Social Workers in the USA.

After a substantial submission process undertaken by Applied Metapsychology International, this external accreditation for 14 continuing education hours provides a robust level of assurance for organisations wanting by to help their people and services users through distressing or traumatic experiences.

Sean McCallum (creator of CRISIS) said “This external accreditation is very much welcomed. The submission process is stringent, and It’s taken a lot of work behind the scenes by the AMI team to achieve. We now have the confidence of the National Association of Social Workers in the USA, and those wishing to learn how to use the CRISIS to help others through critical incidents have an extra layer of assurance regarding the model and it’s effectiveness.”

CRISIS is a person-centred and culturally responsive system of crisis intervention, applicable across a broad spectrum of contexts and environments.

During the CRISIS workshop, students learn how to deliver the six core elements of CRISIS, and use of the Critical Incident Risk Assessment to provide a risk-based approach to managing stress and trauma following critical incidents.

Now used internationally, CRISIS is celebrated by its practitioners as a unique and highly effective mental health solution.


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